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On April 2, coinciding with the Day of awareness of Autism, the students at the complete CEIP Francisco Tomás y Valiente, Velilla de San Antonio, participated actively with a plastic activity to remember and celebrate this day. CEIP Francisco Tomás y Valiente is one of the two centers of Velilla de San Antonio, together with the CEIP Valdemera, which participates in the Erasmus + ' Art for coexistence ' Project, of which the Yehudi Menuhin España Foundation is part.


  • To Consolidate the learning acquired in the school on Autism, since it opened in the center the Classroom of Toucans that is intended for students with autism spectrum disorder.
  • To Develop the artistic creativity of all the students, making plastic productions under the condition of using only recycled materials and/or those that could use of the available ones in the center.


During the plastic class of the week before the second of April, the collection and recovery of recycled materials were started that students would have to color with the colors that are allocated to autism: dark blue, light blue, yellow and red. In each group and/or level was decided and planned what to do with these materials and on April 2 was reflected in what we could call our small works of art that have been exhibited in the lobby and landings of the school. In Addition, that April 2 all and all attended the school dressed in blue. [Gallery columns = "5" ids = "1120, 1121, 1123, 1125,1127"]