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Last December, CEIP Francisco Tomás y Valiente, located in Velilla de San Antonio and active member of the Erasmus + art for Coexistence project, which is part of the Fundación Yehudi Menuhin España, developed an educational activity among his students Aimed at conflict resolution.

The objectives of this practice were:

  • Develop the acquisition of skills to relate.
  • Develop self-regulating mechanisms of one's own emotions and behavior.
  • Develop skills aimed at showing empathic attitudes.
  • Recognize and practice the values that favor coexistence.
  • Develop conflict resolution strategies.
  • Build your own identity.

Activity Development

Sixth-grade students created scripts written in small groups on the condition that they should be a conflict situation, invented but connected to their school or family reality. In the development of the script should be the conflict as such and how to solve it devised by them. Subsequently a representation of each script was made to the rest of his group companions and these reflected, debated and commented if that was the right way to solve them and if there were other solutions. This activity employs useful skills for personal development, and includes a self-assessment. We have worked on the competencies that we expose below and their self-evaluation made it taking into account the indicators of achievement that we indicate.


  • Linguistic communication
  • Social and civic competencies
  • Sense of initiative and entrepreneurial spirit
  • Critical Spirit

Achievement indicators

  • I interact properly in collaborative activities.
  • I expose my ideas and contribute solutions to situations of conflict.
  • I have a positive attitude when I participate in cooperative work.
  • I am able to memorize and represent a small role in a dramatization.
  • I identify conflict situations, and I know how to put myself in the place of others.

The activity was very motivating, had great acceptance and has been well valued by them and by the teachers responsible for carrying it out. [Gallery columns = "2" ids = "921,922"]