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Within the framework of the Erasmus + ' Art for Coexistence ' project, which is part of the Fundación Yehudi Menuhin España, has collaborated with the Hungarian embassy and the Snétberger Musical Talent Center in the methodological Workshop: ' The specificity, the bases and the Methodology of the method Snétberger ' Jasmine Olea was one of the participants in the appointment and tells us that Ferenc Snétberger and his team explained that the center of Musical talent Snétberger arose thanks to the deep interest in offering an inclusive space that allowed The development of the musical talents of Gypsy boys, girls and young people in Hungary. The program was born just 8 years ago, in 2011, but has already been awarded, recognized and supported by various agencies. Even the documentary titled ' Music Saves You ' was made to portray the successful trajectory of one of his students.

Maestro Snétberger points out that the excellence of the program is due to several factors: one of them is the amplitude in the teaching, because the students, besides learning to play the chosen instrument, takes classes of musical theory, jazz and Sol-fa. On the other hand, the continuity and intensity takes a fundamental role: during the weeks in the center, the classes begin at 10:00h and end at 18:00h, after which, concerts are organized, spaces of improvisation and meetings with musicians and/or alumni of the Center. The above is only possible because the students live and sleep in the center for 6 weeks during the summer, 3 in spring and 3 in the month of October. The workshop was focused on explaining the foregoing, but they also resolved doubts from the public, who had an interest in knowing, for example, what difficulties had encountered the Master Snétberger in dealing with gypsy families who do not have the habit of allowing Their sons or daughters study far from home. Faced with these questions, the center team responded by stating that, despite the possible initial surprise, families tend to attend concerts, participate in the activities and see that music is a great tool for professional development, personal and human.