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On Friday 31 May, in the auditorium Mariana Pineda, Velilla de San Antonio, will take place an intercenter day Velilla de San Antonio, in the project Erasmus + ' Art for Coexistence ', which is part of the FYME. Three centers will participate in the event: the CEIP Francisco Tomás y Valiente, the CEIP Valdemera and the Municipal School of Music, dance and theatre of Velilla de San Antonio.


  • Different pieces of dance and theatre will be shown covering the richness of the exchange and artistic work with other countries, as it has been carried out in the framework of the Erasmus + programme
  • It will show work done with the partners of Hungary, Switzerland and Belgium.
  • The meeting will be transmitted through tales and stories, from different works carried out between the countries of the project, going through a journey from the tale of "Pedro Verde" (Hungary), the body parts (Belgium), the song "Open Your Heart" Played by the boys and girls of Switzerland.

The framework for this is the need for a sustainable and respectful society, in which we all get rich from the work of others "reconciling the world is too ambitious, but at least children can be trained to be respectful of differences , which is the only thing that allows us to learn: if we were all equal, we could not offer anything to each other. That is why we must not fear, to be afraid makes us enemies. We must push the need to realize our dreams, which is the meaning of our life. " Yehudi Menuhin.