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This Tuesday, April 9th, from 11 a.m. in the Chamber Room of the National Auditorium and organized by the Embassy of Hungary, has taken place the concert of the Talent Center of Snétberger, "The music Rises", an appointment that falls within the framework of the Conconcert Workshops that the Embassy of Hungary and the Talent Center of Snétberger has carried out in the city of Madrid.

[Gallery columns = "4" ids = "1092, 1090, 1088, 1042, 1041, 1040, 1043, 1046, 1049, 1061, 1064,1066"] The concert, aimed at minors with whom the FYME works in the Community of Madrid in the MUS-E Program, had the ambassador of Hungary, Enykö Györi, as hostess of Gala and also had among his present to the vice of Educational Policy and Science of The Community of Madrid, Cristina Álvarez. In Addition, the Institute of Gypsy Culture and the World Association in Harmony collaborated in the meeting.

  The FYME, through its project ' Art for Coexistence, ' was also an active part of the concert. Together with Pantueña Wind Orchestra, the Municipal School of Music, Dance and Theatre of Velilla de San Antonio, whose City Hall is part of ' Art for coexistence ', interpreted ' unknown Princesses ', a work based on the novel of the same name written by Philippe Lechmeier where the focus is placed on gender equality and the breakdown of stereotypes. In ' Princesses unknown ' collaborated students from CEIP Valdemera and CEIP Francisco Tomás y Valiente, centers that integrate ' Art for coexistence ' in Velilla de San Antonio. [Gallery columns = "5" ids = "1062, 1058, 1056, 1054,1052"] Laura Fernandez and David Arribas also went to the stage of the Chamber Room of the National Auditorium to sing and play the piano, respectively. Members of the Fundación Par, which collaborates with the European Project Erasmus + ' Campo dei Miracoli ', made clear with their performance the importance of the richness of diversity.

Gypsy People's Day

This Concert Conicidió with the celebration of the International Day of the Gypsy People (April 8). "The first time I met the Gypsies I was 11 years old, in a small Romanian town. I Was in a restaurant, with my father and his teacher, Georges Enescu and soon Gypsy violinists came to our table, began to play and I was absolutely fascinated by his music. But I was very excited to discover that some of the melodies played by those Gypsy violinists were very similar to the Jewish melodies that my father always sang. They Had The common same ability to express nostalgia and sadness. " Words pronounced in his day by the master Yehudi Menuhin on the impact that produced in a then child prodigy like him, surrounded by order and of discipline, the freedom, the sense of the rhythm and the improvisation of the gypsy musicians.

About the Snétberger Talent Center

Stories and films often treat the story of a talented child, who lives in bad circumstances and after a long and hard struggle, finally finds happiness and gets to achieve world fame. These miracles happen in real life as well. The World-famous Hungarian jazz musician, Ferenc Snétberger, in 2011 made the decision to found a talent center in a small town in Hungary, next to Lake Balaton. The goal of the center is that the dream of young people with little media will become reality. Musical talent Center Snétberger Students Center of musical talent Snétberger The Center today offers possibilities to sixty young people endowed with special talent, mainly of Gypsy origin and coming from socially disadvantaged groups to To develop their musical knowledge and capacities and, as a result of their dedication and hard work, they can be part of the circle of the great musicians.  As the director of the FYME affirms, Yehudi Menuhin would be "very proud of the work that the Center has done". THE training program developed by Ferenc Snétberger not only considers the individual value of music, but also its primary facet of social inclusion. "Music raises you" – says the Center's motto – Music elevates the spirit and indicates a path. Several dozen Roma young people who studied in the various formations there today are already stepping on the world's biggest scenarios.