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The CEIP Tomás y Valiente, which collaborates with the Fundación Yehudi Menuhin the Erasmus Project + ' Art for coexistence ', has good practices that, as the objective of this same project, shares with the rest of entities. It was the reception of three-year-olds to the educational center, a consolidated practice in the centre that has been carried out years ago with an excellent response from the rest of the children, who are eager to wait for the day. During the first weeks of the course, three-year-olds do not share the recreation period with the rest of the students, prioritizing the adaptation to their reference group and their teachers. After this brief period, the teachers make the decision to join this group with the rest of the students of the center. It will be the older students and those who take care of hosting these small and small. Its mission is to accompany them in the recess, to teach them the different spaces of play and to explain their rules of use such as the sandbox, the basketball area, the games of construction and cars or the slide and bridges of wood. [Gallery columns = "2" size = "Medium" ids = "870,868"]