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We already have a song for the Erasmus + ' Art for Coexistence ' project. This is a beautiful piece that has been made in collaboration with the School of Music of Velilla de San Antonio, one of the localities participating in the project. The music has been worked by the boys and girls who participate in the project of different ages. Now the song has been passed on to colleagues from other countries to translate, sing and dance. "Art appears every day Anywhere," the song reads. Let's take advantage of those opportunities.

' Art for Coexistence '

The art for Coexistence project incorporates municipalities, schools, universities and NGOs from 6 countries (Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium and Hungary). From the experience of each of the participating organizations, the project aims to create at European level a space for the exchange of good practices, experiences and materials, that serves to create a model that lasts in time, beyond the Experience or people who put it at stake, from a work for coexistence and from the meeting of people from different cultures of origin that coexist in our cities and in the schools. The purpose of the project is to unite and develop a European model of joint intervention that strengthens the European dimension and allows the permanent implementation of successful educational keys that last in time and later implemented in other European entities.