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The CEIP Tomás y Valiente, of Velilla de San Antonio and member of the project Erasmus + ' art for the coexistence ', where participates the foundation Yehudi Menuhin Spain, wanted to join the celebrations that took place last November 20 on the occasion of the Universal day of The rights of children. And he did so through a special conference of workshops and works framed in the respect and commemoration of those rights of children. In addition, they recorded a precious audio claiming those rights, that need that the children of the world have to enjoy the nature, to enjoy the freedom of expression, the right to be heard, to play, to have fun, always framed everything in a Freedom shared with that of other cultures, languages or different opinions. Because there is room for all and all, because everyone deserves their rights. [Gallery columns = "4" ids = "847,846,843,840"]