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The SEPIE (Spanish service for the internationalization of education) has launched ' Inspirational figures initiative (Role models) ', which aims to promote European values among young Spaniards through interventions by people With an inspiring life experience. In short, it is a matter of developing actions that promote social inclusion, encourage active citizenship and reinforce the commitment to European values of respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality and human rights.

Who is it addressed to?

The different actions will be directed to young people and adults from disadvantaged socio-economic environments or at risk of violent radicalisation, exclusion or poverty, not in school or in a situation of early school dropout. It will be the schools that request inspirational interventions, mainly for their secondary education students and basic vocational training.

How did the ' inspirational figures ' initiative emerge?

This action is part of the European Commission ' Role Models ' initiative in support of the Member States ' efforts to combat radicalisation and social discrimination, in accordance with the communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, Council, the Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions (COM 2016, 379), supporting the prevention of radicalization that leads to violent extremism. Thus, education and culture manifest themselves as a fundamental and facilitating element of integration and social cohesion, and as part of the solution to the problem of violence.

Who is involved in the ' Inspirational figures initiative '?

In the start-up of this initiative, four agents are involved:

  • The National Erasmus + Agency (SEPIE), as Coordinator
  • The Spanish National Agency (ANE) of youth
  • Inspiring figures
  • Schools

Do you think your personal experience can inspire other people?

Participation is open to all those who are committed to European values and who accept the challenge of defending them through a personal account of their life experience. Therefore, people who voluntarily want to transmit their commitment to European values through their professional work, people whose vocation, passion or aspiration has made their life an example of improvement, or professionals who come from collective Vulnerable and work in the field of social inclusion. If you feel that your personal experience can inspire young people at risk of exclusion and want to share it with them, we encourage you to tell us by completing the following form.

Do you want your school to participate in this initiative?

Once the panel of inspiring figures has been formed, you will be able to request the intervention of that inspiring figure that more relevance can have for the students of your center. This intervention may have different formats (conference, lecture, workshop,…). The inspiring figures panel and the application procedure for schools will be published soon.