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Pantueña Wind Orchestra will begin its journey with the meeting to be held in Velilla de San Antonio on 23 and 24 March, culminating with its first concert in the Auditorio Mariana Pineda. Velilla de San Antonio is one of the localities participating in the Erasmus + ' Art for coexistence ' Project which is part of the Fundación Yehudi Menuhin España. During the 23rd and 24th, fifty young musicians will participate in a meeting in which they receive classes of the most important instrumentalists of our country, and carry out the rehearsals jointly for the concert that they offer on Sunday March 24th to the 19:00 hours in the Auditorio Mariana Pineda de Velilla de San Antonio. The participants in this project, have all of them, ages between 14 and 25 years, and although most of them come from the Community of Madrid, will also participate young musicians from Castilla La Mancha, Andalusia and the Canary Islands. The entrance to the concert is free. In this link you can access the project website and you can book your invitations by clicking HERE.