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News written by Jose Manuel García-Muñoz in relation to the Erasmus + ' Art for Coexistence ' project, and with the presence of the collaborating entities of the same, the last days 29 and 30 of November took place in Turin an international meeting, where the part Spanish of the project was represented by the CEIP Valdemera, the CEIP Francisco Tomás y Valiente, the town hall of Velilla de San Antonio, the university Rey Juan Carlos and the Fundación Yehudi Menuhin España. On the 29th the meeting began with a visit to the Turin City Council in which the different entities were presented and the meeting was started. After this, they moved to the Amicis school, where they were greeted by a choir of students, the project was presented as well as the activities that were being carried out in the different countries and three workshops were held throughout the day: one of dance , a second workshop of visual arts and theatre and a final performance with Latin American music by William Verastegui. [Gallery ids = "801,803,805"] Finally, Jose Manuel Garcia-Muñoz was responsible for the presentation of the website and the programming document that should be used throughout the project. The day ended with a shared dinner at the Circolo della Stampa. On Day 30, the exhibition of the Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti was visited, in which the artists collaborating with the project exhibited works carried out with and by the students of the centres in which they work. Then we visited the XXV Aprile school in which good practices of the same were shared as the creation of a museum or the possibility of seeing the result of the workshops of contemporary dance that are carried out in the center. After that, in the school Giachino were able to share workshops of music, theatre and visual arts with the groups of the school, sharing the song art for the coexistence created by Sonia Llombard. The meeting ended with a visit to the Teatro Ragazzi where they could visit the different spaces of the same, enjoyed a last supper and could see the spectacle "Guarattelle Napoletane", created by the artist Gianluca Di Matteo who performed a work of Puppets as a final climax. This meeting is part of a series of meetings that are going to be carried out throughout the project. The following will take place in March in the city of Berlin. [Gallery columns = "2" ids = "799,798"]