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The next 29th and 30th of November, in Turin, will take place the international meeting of the Erasmus + ' Art for Coexistence ' project, of which the Fundación Yehudi Menuhin is part. ' Art for coexistence ' has a period of 2017 to the year 2020, within an Erasmus + Union project between Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Hungary, Germany and Italy and where they take part in the municipalities of Velilla de San Antonio, Évora, Brussels, Budapest, Berlin and Turin. ' Art for Coexistence ' incorporates city halls, schools, universities and non-profit organizations. The project aims to create, with European networking work, a space for the exchange of training, good practices, experiences and pedagogical materials, which is not only left in the exchange, but in the creation of models that endure in time, beyond the Experience or people who put it into play. In this idea, the Turin International Meeting works towards this path and is another step for ' Art of coexistence ' in pursuit of its objectives. In addition, the appointment serves as a continuation of other meetings held during the last course, the 2017-2018, as was Velilla de San Antonio, or this same 2018-2019, with a meeting in the Swiss city of Bern. ' Art for coexistence ' does not stop and even has a song of its own, within a project that in Turin advances a little more and that involves globally 200 teachers and more than 1,000 students. 15 artists collaborate, more than 50 technicians from the educational administrations, volunteers and university students in internships. The project key coordinated work between teachers, minors, their families (about 600 people) and the socio-educational community in generates to reach some 4,300 beneficiaries, whether direct or indirect.

Art, workshops, laboratories and professional meetings

The Turin International Meeting begins on Friday, November 29th. That day, at Amicis School, the morning will enjoy a dance workshop of the Class of 2c of the educational center, within the framework of ' art for coexistence '. Later, the afternoon session will be developed along visual Arts, 3d and theatre labs. They are also activities of the class 2c, framed in ' art for coexistence ' and open to the participation of adults. After that, a meeting of artists and professors will be produced with the Spanish coordinators of ' Arte por la coexistence ', Antonio Merino and José Manuel García Muñoz. On Friday 30, after being received first thing in the morning the delegation of ' art for coexistence ' at the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts and visit the exhibition, the expedition moves to the XXV Aprile Elementary School, where proposals for workshops will be exhibited Art made by artists MUS-E with the class 3a of ' Art for coexistence '. The International Meeting of Turin is closing on Friday 30 November in the afternoon, with a visit to the primary school Gianchino, place where proposals for laboratories and performances will be presented, and at the Teatro Ragazzi, with the culmination of the performance Theatrical ' Guarattelle Neapolitan '.