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On April 12th, and within the Erasmus Project + ' Art for Coexistence ', the CEIP Tomás y Valiente, Velilla de San Antonio, took place a very special activity, which allowed its participants to have contact with students from other countries in Europe. Within the workshops of the MUS-E program that take place in the center, the Artist of plastic of the foundation Yehudi Menuhin, Serena Blanca Hernán, led an activity whose purpose was to contact students from other countries of Europe interested in their way of Life, similarities and differences. This is the beginning of an activity that will continue in subsequent courses. This activity, named as ' Leaving traces ', was then handed over to the artists of Hungary and Switzerland and at the meeting of ' art for Coexistence ' in Bern last October, the topic was discussed. The rest of the countries will join in the practice of ' leaving footprints ', a clear example of good practice and that is done thanks to ' art for coexistence '

Objectives and development of ' leaving footprints ':

  • To promote the knowledge of the way of life of children of the same age in other countries of Europe.
  • To awaken the curiosity of the students to understand and to know other cultures within the European Community.
  • Develop the feeling of empathy (put yourself in each other's shoes) and understand that all children have the same concerns.

Based on the curiosity and natural motivation that all boys and girls have to meet other children from different countries, Serena proposes to walk in a symbolic way to another country, Hungary, Switzerland, Italy… Through their own prints drawn on cardboard the students ask what they want to know about the lives of those children they do not know. They formulate varied questions of free form according to their own interests:

  • What is important in your country? Are you very clean? What are your schools like?
  • What do you eat there? Do you like going to school? What are you playing there for? Are you happy? Do you like rainy days? Do you have a swimming pool?

and endless questions to bring about an interesting approach to other communities, cultures and countries. [Gallery columns = "4" ids = "859,862,857,853"]