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During the 24th, 25th and 26th of March, the V Meeting was held Erasmus + ' Art for Coexistence ', which took place in Berlin. ' Art for coexistence ' has the participation of Fundación Yehudi Menuhin España and for this appointment the Spanish delegation is made up of people from the University Rey Juan Carlos, the City of Velilla de San Antonio, represented by its mayor and the Councillor for Education and Culture, together with artists and educational centers participating in the Project and people of the Foundation Yehudi Menuhin Spain to form a group of thirteen people. This Spanish delegation took advantage of the trip to Berlin to make a cultural visit to the city, always with the clear idea of the importance of the Cultural Heritage there, in addition to the idea of building Europe from the knowledge of the territory that this Erasmus + Project can contribute. And more in a city like Berlin.

Intensely, but enthusiastically, we toured some of the most emblematic sites the Brandenburg Gate, Unter den Linden Avenue to the Castle Bridge, watching the New Guard building and Bebelplatz, where there is a monument on the ground in memory of the Burning of thousands of books in this place in Hitler's time. As educators we reflect on the importance of reading and encouraging critical reading among students. We Wandered through different spaces and we found parts of the old Berlin Wall, touring the art that has generated especially in the part of the East Side Gallery;  We passed the historic Alexanderplatz Square, with the fountain of friendship between the villages and the clock of the world's hours. We took a picture at Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin's most famous passage during the Cold War that kept Americans and Russians and visited the Museum of the Wall. We Went through the island of museums and left for some space after the work of the project to visit the Museum of the Old Orient, the Museum of Islamic Art and the collection of classic antiques;  We could not miss the reconstruction of the gate of Istar of Babylon or the Altar of Zeu, S of the city of Pergamon, among others.

We Also visit the Berlin Cathedral, the Tiergarten Park and the Reichstag, where the German Parliament is located since the unification in 1990. We Had A few minutes of remembrance at the Holocaust Monument, certainly one of the things that most overwhelmed us in memory of the Jews killed by the Nazi regime.  We travelled with respect to that place, recalling the words of Yehudi Menuhin that the Germans could not be blamed for what the Nazis had done, but also about the need not to be witnesses to silence and to work for the eradication of all kinds of xenophobia , racism…. Because we are in decisive moments in which we have to defend from culture the encounter and respect for diversity. [Gallery columns = "5" ids = "977,978,981,983,987"]