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[Et_pb_section fb_built = "1" _ Builder_version = "3.0.47"] [Et_pb_row _ Builder_version = "3.0.47" background_size = "initial" background_position = "top_left" background_repeat = "repeat"] [Et_pb_column type = "4_4" _ Builder_version = "3.0.47" parallax = "off" Parallax_method = "on"] [Et_pb_text _ Builder_version = "3.0.106"] As part of the art for Coexistence project-Erasmus Plus, last week was held at the headquarters of the FYME a coordination meeting between the foundation Yehudi Menuhin Spain and members of the city of Velilla de San Antonio, one of the locations where will develop the project. The councillor for education of Velilla de San Antonio, Josefa Gil García, and the education technician, M ª Jose Fernandez, and the director of the Foundation, Anabel Dominguez, and the project coordinator, Antonio Merino, attended the meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to plan the actions of the program Arte for the coexistence in Velilla de San Antonio, as well as to coordinate the visit of the members, which will take place the next 19 and 20 of April. [/et_pb_text] [/et_pb_column] [/et_pb_row] [Et_pb_row _ Builder_version = "3.0.106"] [Et_pb_column type = "4_4" _ Builder_version = "3.0.47" parallax = "off" Parallax_method = "on"]

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