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On Thursday, April 4, the ' Autonomous Learning Workshop ' was closed with the 5th year children of the Francisco Tomás y Valiente CEIP and CEIP Valdemera de Velilla de San Antonio. The workshop was organized by the Department of Education of the city of Velilla together with the university Rey Juan Carlos (URJC) and the foundation Yehudi Menuhin, all within the Erasmus Project + ' Art for coexistence '. The workshop is a solidarity-based service learning project in which six students from the primary education degrees of the URJC and the University of Alcalá, under the supervision of professors of the URJC and of the technician of culture and education of the Municipality of Velilla , have taught 19 students to work autonomously, being aware of their own learning, improving their work and study strategies, using patterns and routines of thought, etc. [Gallery columns = "2" ids = "1144,1147"] The workshop was also aimed at the parents of the participating children in order to involve them in the learning process of their children. Therefore, at least one personalized tutoring with each one of them and a final group tutoring in which they were presented a report of evaluation and observation sheet of each child, as well as the delivery of diplomas and medals to the children for their effort and work , and also recognition of future teachers for their involvement in the workshop. The Department of Education plans to give continuity to this program, organizing a new edition in the first quarter of the next course.