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Last December, the annual Conference on the dissemination of the Erasmus + 2018 programme was held in the fields of education and training in Spain. During this day the awards ceremony took place for the quality of Erasmus + 2018 projects. The projects highlighted the role of Spain in the European leadership of the program in all educational sectors, highlighting the growing international interest in the quality of Spanish universities. As a result, in the Fundación Yehudi Menuhin we want to echo and disseminate this efficient work done by the Erasmus + projects, as well as the protagonists during these years. In this sense, the FYME is part of four European projects that are active right now:

We also want to share the SEPIE's informative document on the granting of recognitions to the quality of Erasmus + 2018 projects, where all the information about the awards, prizes and prize winners and other data of interest are found.